Family Medical Centre Albir

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Desde: 2011

The Family Medical Centre was established in October 2011 and has quickly gained a reputation for providing quality healthcare with a personal touch. The Family Medical Centre is British owned and run. Our core team and receptionists are British and all our clinicians and Practitioners are English speaking.


  • Family Doctor GP
  • Nurse
  • Midwife
  • Osteopath / Physiotherapist
  • Psychologist / Psychotherapist
  • Health Specialist including Cardiologist and Urologists
  • We’ve dental health service in our professional team - Dr. Mirko Sade El Juri Gayoso
Servicios de la clínica:
  • Endodoncia
  • Estética dental
  • Implantes dentales
  • Odontología General
  • Periodoncia
  • Prótesis dentales

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Family Medical Centre Albir se encuentra en Avenida de L´Albir, 66, 03581, L'Albir, Provincia de Alicante

Número de teléfono para llamadas: +34 966 865 072

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